YYTCG 4pics/lot "U", "Y" Banana Plug Conenctor pozlacené Rýč Reproduktoru Banana Konektory Audio Šroub Vidlice Konektory Adaptér

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Podmínka: Zbrusu Nový Zadní vstupní průměr: 4mm Typ: Dvojité šrouby zamykání, pájení Rýč Použitelné pro většinu typů 0~4mm reproduktorové kabely Pro Lepší Spojení A Lepší Pozlacené Přenos

  • Pohlaví: Muž
  • Číslo Modelu: TCG-BB-012
  • Značka: YYTCG
  • Typ Položky: banán

Štítky: box reproduktoru konektor, banánový konektor, butt plug, 52933C1100, promate reproduktor, konektor drátu, konektor reproduktoru, audio konektor, anální plug, banana plug konektor.

Mik Vard
From the pictures I deduced it was all a piece. However, the connector consists of two threaded parts. There are similar terminals in which the parts that make it are of different COLOR/MATERIAL and in the photos are seen both unthreaded parts but in this both parts that make it look the same and the photos do not show the two separate pieces. It's or it can lead to thinking-as it happened to ME-that the set is all one.
S Pedigo
Shipping arrived very fast! Packed professionally and very responsibly. Thank you very much.
Ulygbek Sanakulov
very good
Weak magnetic, so that on straight pure copper is not worth counting, one of the blades is threaded in the place of fastening the sleeve and the blade itself

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